Smoothing edges not working (for hand orthosis). Smooth Smoothness


Does someone have some tips on how to smooth the edges of the hand orthosis?

I made it with the offset of an STL-File from a 3D scan of a hand. Then I added ‘Control Point Curves’ and I extruded the curves. It worked out pretty good but the edges are very unsmooth.

Can someone help me?

Hello - I guess I’d try splitting the mesh with a smooth curve, then re-create the edge polygons to close it again.


Hi Pascal,

Sorry I’m very new to Rhino, just started…

Can you elaborate a bit?


Hi Debora - please export the mesh and post the file here, or send to, with a link back here in your comments - it will be easier to help with the object in front of me…


Thank you! I’ve sent them!