Smoothing a polysurface?

Shoe2.3dm (2.7 MB)

Ok so this will need to be 3D printed for a client… I never made something with this much organic geometry before so I guess its a learning curve. I made splines from a previous model and then intersect all of the curves, then I patched all of the individual faces. Is there anything I can do now to make the overall polysurface look a bit more uniform? Not like a compilation of a bunch of individual surfaces? Thanks!

Hello - it looks like one or two of your iterations are much simpler - not done but much easier to deal with than the many-surface one, This one for example, seems like a possibility -


I’d work off of that rather than this:

as an approach.


SmoothVersion.3dm (604.3 KB)

So here was the original version from which I extracted splines. The issue is that I just cannot get it to offset .5mm. I need to print like 50 of these, but the offsetSrf or offsetMesh options dont work with the model.

Hello - if you set the file tolerance to .0001 ( and OddsetSrf you can get most of the way there - but in fact the model is not very well constructed so you’ll need to do some cleanup.


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Thanks for the help! If you were making this, how would you approach it? Many profile curves and then patch?

I don’t think the patch as an option, the main body can be modeled with sweep1Rail and then adjust a few control points and later cut the rear part.


OMG thanks!! Pleae upload his if you dont mind!

Sorry I didn’t save the file after making this image. Anyway you have many tutorials on youtube to start with the basics and also the training manuals from rhino which are very good.

Hello Diego,

You did a wire cut on a surface ? I did not think this would work.
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Hi Andy, if the line cross the entire surface closing a volume, it works perfectly. you just need to avoid crossing any naked edge that’s all.

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Hello Diego,
Thank you. I appreciate it; quite helpful.

the same way I applied boolean difference with open surfaces in the next step.

ok. Thank you.