'smooth' this closed curve

Hello- I am designing a chair, and have this outline comprised from straight lines and fillets / radii. I would like to subtly smooth the whole thing a bit before I create a volume out of it, i.e.blend those radii into the straight lines a bit.
Side note: I am in a trial on rhino 7 and thus beginning to wade into subD modeling, so if it makes sense to smooth the form after making a volume from the curves I am open to that. However, I would need to have the option to smooth it on only one axis. This is in the interest of mimicking the manufacturing process, which will involve cutting the form out first, then applying a fixed radius or roundover to both sides.

I know there is the smooth command, wondering if there are other options, specifically one that allows for some parametric functionality. I would like to be able to adjust the smoothness up and down throughout the modeling process.

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chair_proto.3dm (2.8 MB)

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Hi Revel - you can use BlendCrv to replace the arcs - you can monkey with the controls to place the ends and adjust the shape.


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Thank you, Pascal.

one thing i like to use when i created something which just seems too rigid is the divide command and fill it up with points plenty enough to define the shape to your liking. then you use CurveThroughPt with option control point which will provide a nice continuity in the curve with no wonky parts other than RebuildCrvNonUniform and whatnot would do. that is just a cheap trick of course and creates a curve which is far heavier, but its fast and can help quickly assess if its worth smoothing down at all.

here with 100 points maybe you could take more for a little more definition

here the result in black with the old shape peaking fro in grey.

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That is a great workflow, thank you for that thoughtful explanation