Smooth the edge and make the round ends

Untitled.3dm (5.8 MB)

I have been working on it for few days. Feeling so despair on in. Can someboday help me finish this design?

The pic showing the braclet edges I want to make it smooth and cut ends with a round ends.

I upload the whole file.

Keep it simple. Rebuild the upper ring surface. Then extrude surface the bottom edge. Tangent surface match. Split the edges for the lower ring body. Sweep one rail. Trim and fillet all the edges.

Or cap the ends like this.

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I did the fillet Eddge

How do you make de cap like that?

The easiest way is with a revolved surface. Sketch a curve between both ends for the axis (Green curve). Pick the trimmed end for the curve revolve. Make sure Project is unchecked in the osnaps. Also match the revoled surface to the end. Tangency Refined Position of the other end. I also prefer distance from edge for the fillet/blends.