Smooth staircase handrail challenge (normal vectors in Y)

Goal: closed brep.

based on these ideas: (5.2 KB)

Lofting is not smooth

Handrail (16.1 KB)

You didn’t internalise your curves. If you’re not sure how, see item 3 in the link below.

argh apologies
Handrail (16.5 KB)

I forgot to mention that i tried SWEEP 1 but odd things happened at the curves.

Both options look fine to me. Are you just referring to the preview not being smooth? When you bake it into Rhino how does it look?

If you are just referring to the preview, you can change the preview setting in File->Preferences.

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Thank you. I forgot about that. I could have sworn I set those settings. I need sleep obviously.

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Scrap my last suggestion, I noticed that the Sweep1 was twisting a little.

Just to point out, on your loft method, the profiles are not perpendicular to the curve, but aligned vertically, handrail profile will get thinner in the steeper sections.

I have included two alternate approaches in the file attached. One using lofts (with the profiles positioned perpendicularly to the curve), and another using a Sweep2.

Handrail (13.9 KB)

handrail profile will get thinner in the steeper sections.

Yes. Yours is a better solution.
Modules do not preview in your example unless I select them. Where is that setting?
It seems that the preview resolution setting is NOT global. It is per file. Thats why I was seeing low res preview.

Now all I have to do is flow the steps along a lower, duplicate curve )



Handrail Steps (27.2 KB)