Smooth preview


the new interactive smoothing preview and control options are really nice.
on top of that it would be cool if selecting/deselecting still works while the window is open.
so that deselecting moves the pint to its original location and adding a point to the selection set updates the smoothing as if the point was selected initially.


Hi Daniel - hm, so if Smooth is active, it acts, as a preview, on selected objects until you “OK” it, correct? , a bit like BoxEdit, (though this resets on a change in selection).


I just used that new smooth function the first time in the wip, for smoothing control points of a spline.

the preview and the iteration count is very helpful to visually adjust the smooth, but my first idea was that I might try adding another controlpoint of the curve, and that broke the interactive experience.

the image shows the original curve and two smoothed versions using different controlpoint count.
For quickly designing with visual feedback it would be great to get those different versions without the need to restart the command.