Smooth polylines until area difference is greater than 5%

I want to create an anomone loop which continuously smooths a polyline curve and then compares that smoothed curve to the original kinky polyline curve by creating boundary surfaces from the curves and calculating the percent difference between the two surface areas. I want the anemone loop to iteratively increase the “Times to apply the smoothing operation” parameter on the smoothPline function. Then, once the smoothed line becomes too small, I want the anemone loop to stop. Right now, I only have the first curve of my 40 in the loop, but the loop doesn’t work for some reason and I can’t figure out why. Any ideas? @Joseph_Oster (9.7 KB)

OK nevermind, the code actually works as is, the problem is now I want to run that loop through my entire set of curves. Will post solution if I figure it out