Smooth polyline - RhinoCommon

Hi there,

Just a quickie question, I assume the SmoothPLine component calls the RC Polyline.Smooth() Method… The “Times” input on the component is just looping the smoothed PL back for another round, is that is? I’m trying to emulate this component in a script.

Thx, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

I had the same doubt some time ago.
David would definitively provide a better answer, but until then, I think you are correct.
A loop is performed “T” number of times, which smooths the polyline each time in-place.

S = 1  # smooth strength
for i in range(T):
    smoothSuccess = polyline.Smooth(S)

Yep, just wrote it out to test, and it the results from the loop and the GH component correspond exactly…
Cheers, --Mitch