Smooth open Polysurface after meshtoNURB

I have assigment on college to make 3d model of anything, i chose my ps3 controller, and i choose really poorly.
i dont know how to make it, so i asked my friend who have 3d scaner, if he can scan it and send it to me.
He did just that but i here’s the deal, object is in mesh, and when i try meshtoNURB the outcome looks terrible.
Is there any way i can smooth it to look like a mesh, while it remain polysurfce?

Are you trying to reverse engineer the part? If so, read this page on reverse engineering in Rhino.

It might be quicker for you to model it from scratch with caliper dimensions for the easy parts, which appears to be most of it. Probably use the scanned mesh to model the hand holds.

If you just need a pretty picture, the mesh should be sufficient, you don’t need the MeshToNURBS polysrf.