Smooth mesh in Rhino loads jagged in Preform / 3DManage - thoughts?

Hi All,

I’ve created a clean mesh in Rhino 5 that I exported as as .stl for printing. When I open the same mesh in Preform for the Formlabs and also 3dManage for 3DS, the part is jagged (images attached).

Any thoughts why this might be? I build parts for printing every day and have never had this happen. The mesh is good as validated by MeshRepair but not sure why the geometry is not loading properly…

Mesh settings (units in mm): min edge length: 1.0 / max edge length: 2.0 / Max distance, edge to surface: 0.01 / Min initial quads: 16

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks

(viewed in Rhino)

(viewed in PreForm)

Hi Bernardo - Can you please send us the Rhino file? Post it here, or if it is confidential, send to