Smooth Man and Facetted Boy

Here are a Smooth Man and a Facetted Boy.
Can I easily make the boy’s surface display as the man does?
They seem to have the same polygon/surface area ratio, but my hunch is that the boy’s facet angles are more acute than the display mode’s threshold for phong shading, and the man’s less so.
The smooth command adds many more subdivisions and (more deal-breakingly) drastically eats away the boy’s perimeter.

The ‘man’ has had his mesh welded, the ‘boy’ looks like it is unwelded. Try the Weld command.

Meshes really are faceted.
The Weld command is a display trick that makes faceted meshes appear to be smoother than they are geometrically.

Thankyou Helvetosaur! I knew I’d done a simple command on that guy. Just couldn’t remember it.

Yep - just remember what JB said above - you haven’t changed the mesh, just the way it displays…

Yes, that’s what I wanted to do. thx.