Smooth Extrusion

Hi, Is it possible to create a form of extrusion that is seamless? Currently it is very blocky, I would like to be able to smooth the extrusions, to create a wave of sorts.

Thank you

Yes it is possible
No it isn’t possible
Very hard to say with a screen capture

My apologies, I realised that my script was not seen, currently I took the surfaces on the individual arcs and extruded them up uniformly. I would like to be able to extrude them like a way as shown in the rough drawing beside.

Thank you

It’s hard to help with only a screen capture of the script, so maybe you should upload it.

Iteration (63.8 KB)

Hi, this is the file I am working on.

Find attached maybe a possible solution - or do you want to fillet the curve you drew in your screencapture?
And maybe keep in mind that you still have duplicate points/extrusions despite the culling.

Iteration (75.6 KB)

Thank you but yes I was hoping to fillet it

This one is able to fillet, but there are mistakes in my logic, therefore I used sort along curve to get the points into the right order again.Iteration (79.3 KB)

Fixed the mistakes in my logic.
Iteration (76.6 KB)

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Thank you., I got what I wanted