Smooth Dialog needs tune up + bug

@dan on Windows, the changing the slider gives immediate preview feedback in the viewport. On mac it only updates the result in view when releasing the slider (In windows both sliders update the result real time)

Furthermore, when the dialog opens and you try to move the Smooth factor per step, it will snap all the way to the left (0) when releasing the first time. Only the subsequent times the slider is moved the value will stick

@pascal, can you file this one?

Hi Gijs - I see this, thanks. That is, I see the delay, not the second bit, so far.
RH-62885 Smooth: Sliders lag on mac
I see the snap back now as well, thanks.
RH-62886 Smooth - slider snaps to zero


@ pascal see also this movie: the preview is there in wire, and a recording of the slider that snaps back:

RH-62885 and RH-62886 are fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate