Smooth curve network surface

I am trying to modell “petal” surface. I have 2 section curves, but they are not orthogonal to each other.

I would like to make smooth surface. I thought, the best possibility with this input would be curve network surface. But in the analysis picture I can see the place, where the initial curves are.

Do you have ideas, how can I better do it? Also is there possibility, how can I UVcurves make perpendicular to each other?

I’d model a petal like this…

  • draw a closed planar curve
  • use PlanarSrf to make a surface
  • use Rebuild to give the surface more control points and edit it’s curvature
  • make a copy of the surface and edit separately as needed
  • use BlendSrf to bridge the gap between the two surface edges and Joinpetal.3dm (310.1 KB)

Thank you. But I have to model already existing building /The public service hall in Tbilisi/, and I have 2 section curves and floorplan curve of this petal. That’s why I’m trying to do it like on the first pictures.

Can you post your curves and the boundary surface?

Here is the document. Curves are only approximately drawn from foto of building-section.

petal1.3dm (441.7 KB)

I’d Join the two perimeter curves you have, DupEdge the planar surfaces and then split those curves with the perimeter ones. Then use Patch twice, trim the result and BlendSrf or Sweep2 the span between them.

petal1_patch.3dm (573.0 KB)

I hope that helps.

Yes, it is super now, thank you very much!