Smooth Curve Benches Turn to Crispy Meshes

1326_02_swi_20220624.3dm (8.6 MB)

I am a student attempting to create some simple, curved seating walls with wooden slats. The basic lines from Revit where easily imported to reference the bench locations, and then I built up from there in Rhino. I am not incredibly familiar with Rhino, and there are definitely ways my build could be cleaned up. I am just not sure specifically why this geometry is being completely denied by Revit. The times I have uploaded the benches, the geometry looks incredibly busted. It is shattered with so many extranious points.

I changed the units/ tolerance on my project.
I tried to explode the geometry and rebuild the surfaces of one of the benches to see if that helped.
I have attached the file, so you can take a look.

Thank you in advance for any tips, tricks or advice on this geometry.

Hey @Shade_Winfrey ,

So when I checked your file, the geometry you have modeled in Rhino is so far away from the origin (0,0,0) and as you might know Revit has a maximum distance limitation and as mentioned in that link… “When geometry is far away from the model’s internal origin, the graphical representation of elements becomes less reliable and less accurate.”

So, in your case once you move your geometry inside that limit and close to the origin of the Revit project, you will get the following result when you send it to Revit.


This is great!! Thank you so very much Mohamed.