Smooth connection, tubes, pipes, etc

But mainly we have to keep in mind that Rhino 6 is limitless when you know what you’re doing !
even in the class A philosophy, the question is are you doing a concept or are you surfacing
but a such great drafting tools :scream:

Thanks julz! This works for me. :slight_smile:
Great! but it has its limitations.

You need to have the full probe of all the Rhino’s tools since some parts are pleasant for your eyes
then you can now project a clean set of beziers curves and making the surfacing with intelligence in your new architecture network since its a projection (not constraint by the old underlying architecture)…
But, at this stage, it’s a “pro work” and you need to know what you are doing :wink: we can’t sheat with time sadly… anyway, Good luck and have fun!

now I came to this solution.
thanks for all the help and inspiration !! :slight_smile:
Have a nice evening :slight_smile:

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What’re people have trouble to understand is for this kind of welding, they are several other efficient way to do it … in a more mechanical way without an aesthetic goal…
and for 80% of the time it’s ok but if you attempt to do it with a design, a sketch, by sketch i mean a concept a specific stylistic design, you hold naturally the problem differently and don’t spend 10 hours of surfacing for something which is not at the core of your project…