Smooth Command - Preview Points

Sometimes I use this command if there are overlapping points in data from other sources, or from BlendSrf sometimes. Feels like it would be useful to be able to see the updated point locations, similar to U/V smoothing in MoveUVN, so that you can do just enough smoothing to remove overlapping, but not too much smoothing unnecessarily.

Hi Jonathan - so, you’re smoothing surface points, correct, and the preview shows the wires of the resulting surface but not the new point locations, and you’d like the latter… correct?


The resulting surface is good to see - but perhaps the points would be nice to see too. I’m not sure, it was a thought anyway.

Out of interest, has the Smooth command been optimised at all for mesh modelling?

I tried smoothing 20 points (on a larger constituent mesh;

Again the problem arose that there was no way to really see what the result was going to be in terms of point locations.