Smooth as Unreal Engine

I would like to ask (maybe silly) question. Treat it more like an opening to discussion about viewport performance in different softwares.

Why Unreal Engine viewport runs soo smooth in comparison to CAD programs? I don’t mean realistic live rendering and of course I’m not looking for that in Rhino. I think mostly about shaded mode, shaded + shadows. Rhino 6 is much better in shaded mode than it was in the previous release but the difference between Rhino and UE4 is still huge. Is there a room for improvements in Rhino?

Depending on the geometry and your graphics card, rhino should hit 60fps rather easily. I don’t know how ue is smoother than this – maybe they are using motion blur inside the editor to give you an impression of even greater smoothness.

Motion blur obviously doesn’t make sense in a cad application – but buying a 120hz monitor might.

What I mean by smooth is handling scenes with enormous numbers of mesh polygons with ease.

Recorded two sample videos to show what I mean. Sorry for the aggressive compression.

In the first video I run test max speed command, it showed almost 12 fps in Rhino. I tried to make a similar camera movement in UE4 and fps was between 45 and 90. Notice that UE4 runs with dynamic shadows, reflections, normal maps, etc.

The second video shows display performance + walkabout combo. Walkabout is known for being lame since forever, every once in a while someone writes and complains about it but nothing changes.


I’m curious to see how rhino would perform if you joined all the meshes together. I’ve found object count rather than polygon count makes an enormous difference to display performance.

It works much better, but of course when I extract render meshes and join them, my file is useless. :wink: