Smoke-like flock points with anemone & boid

Hi there, So I’m trying to do some data visualisation and basically get these particles to pass from one point to another through different adhere and repulse force points. I’ve taken the simple ‘boidtest’ file that comes with the plugin and have edited it to try and make each individual point have a particular force depending on the data, and for these lines to respond to that. It’s not acting as I would like.

Firstly I’m finding it hard to regulate the speed of these particles, and they either shoot off way past the endpoint or don’t get halfway depending on what number I put into it–it’s been impossible to get it to simply go from the starting point to the end.

Secondly, these points act erratically when coming into contact with the repulsion forces, either they do some weird zig zag or they go right through.

I am ideally trying to get these lines to look like the attached image.

but it’s looking like this at the moment!

I have managed to get the effect to work more or less on a smaller scale, but when I tried scaling it up to larger numbers (in the thousands rather than tens), the forces seem to have gone wild. Would anyone have an idea what is going wrong here? I would really appreciate any help. (21.9 KB)

This agent-based stuff can be finnicky, I can’t do a deep dive on this but here are some thoughts:

Thanks for posting potential solutions. I saw these examples actually when starting off but for the data that I’m gonna feed into this it’s important that the points begin from one source rather than populated randomly or on a grid like in those definitions. I had a definition from an earlier attempt that worked on a smaller scale. I’ll try to find that again and post it.

You can define your input points… Haven’t looked at the definitions but im quit sure they don’t care if random, grid or on one side.