Smoke effect

Hi I’m new to Grasshopper!!

I need to do something like smoke effect!

for print it in 3d . Can somebody help me?
I’m in crisis with my thesis!!

Many thanks!!

I’m surprised no one has referred you to the post about how to ask questions on this forum yet.

I think you need to first decide what exactly you want to 3d print. You can’t print smoke as far as i know, you can only print solid shapes.

You could use some sort of swarm algorithm to generate smoke effect with points and there are GH plugins that do this sort of thing but I’m not sure how easy it is to do. Take the swarmed points and use them in something like Cocoon to create a solid mesh that, if printed in clear plastic, might resemble some abstract representation of actual smoke.

If the crisis with your thesis is it needs to be submitted tomorrow then your crisis has not gone away.

I want to do smoke effect for surface, with offset i can print it. i’ve done somethink like this with a drape example. 76|690x480 but the shapes are not so good. i want replicate smoke effect in the air. Fortunately thesis is in may but i have to work on it. Sigh



I managed to do something like smoke. How can I do a loft now? (8.2 KB)

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The only grasshopper smoke thing I know is one of my professor. Had no look at the c# code yet, but maybe this method can be used:


It’s nice but is in 2D, i need somethig in 3d for print it

Yes, that’s why I said maybe the method can be used. + and translated into 3d

I’ve never worked with it but I think Houdini might be more suitable for this. You’ll also find more ready-made examples since it focuses on FX.

if what is needed is a relief to be printed, and if you are ok to do this outside of Rhino?
then in ZBrush it’s very simple
you get a printable mesh just by making an Alpha from a smoke image and puling it out of a plane.
[then you can further do just about any thing you want with it.]

You can do that with heightfield in rhino as well.

But… would this be useful
it’s a bit limited to do in HighField [same image with 2000 x 2000 points, making a mesh in 3mm hight]

As @tim.stark said it is very simple to use @LongNguyen C# for doing something like this (5 min work).

Please try to draw why you want, it is not the same to emboss a 2d density (what I have done) and to print a 3d density of smoke. For 3d density you have to decide if you want an isosurface (Millepede, OpenVdB) or to render the density with lattice with variables thickness (simple to do also) …

So many choices :smoking:


Hi i couldnt download gh in Mr Long Nguyen video. Could you please send the gh file to me?
Many thanks