Smeared Images

i am getting this a few times too often. It goes away after a save, but when it’s present, it prints like this too. (Upper right hand smeared image.) It happens frequently with images in projects.

Below is the uncorrupted display:

@DavidEranen, @jeff - do you know about this kind of problem with texture rendering? I think this is related to what has been reported with for instance (trimmed) pictures. Bug: moving trimmed picture messes mapping

@djhg - on what Rhino SR are you currently?

I’ve just had this smeared image happening when I rotated a picture. When I did “Undo” and rotated the same picture in the same way it didn’t happen again. :confused:
Running 6.9.18271.20591 here

Are you only seeing this in layout-detail views? IMO, it looks like something getting messed up with the detail views’ frustum…but it’s hard to diagnose with just a picture… If you’re able to get something repeatable (even if I have to do something over and over again until it happens), then please post it.

Also, when you say it happens with “images”, are you referring to “Picture” objects? Or something else? We are going to have to be able to reproduce this if we’re going to fix it, so the more information and details you provide the better chance we have at doing that…but an example 3dm file to work with would be best…since there are so many different combinations, I want to make sure we have what you have.


I saw it in top view and it was a picture object. I’ll let you know and get back here with a file in case it happens again.

Up to date. (SR, not candidate.)

Lately only with Picture objects on a layout. I think I’ve seen it w a picture in model space, but not lately. I’ll upload the file to whatever email address you give me. will be fine.


@jeff, don’t forget to grab the 3dm from the discussion I linked to.

Already did… and it works just fine here.


@djhg Got the files, thanks.

I’ve been banging on it for quite a while now, trying everything I can think of to get it to happen, but so far nothing…

The next time you see this happen, please take note on what it was you did just prior to it happening… Did you just finish a Render? Did you switch in and out of Raytraced mode? Did you modify a material? Did you scroll zoom? Did you zoom selected? That type of thing… The display pipeline is used internally everywhere (i.e. not just for the viewport results), and my guess is that Rhino is stepping on itself somewhere…and doing so inadvertently, which makes reproducing it very difficult… So if we can narrow down the events that took place just prior to you seeing this happen, it might help isolate the problem.

In the mean time, I will continue trying other things… I’m also assuming that the problem happens simply by dragging the picture frame object using the Gumball… so I’m trying a bunch of things, then going to the image and dragging it, then try more things, and dragging the picture again, etc…etc… Does that sound right?


All I recall doing in the session in which the corruption occured was adjusting the view in the aerial perspective, including resizing the detail window, and printing. There is a slight chance I was editing the ST plan section active in that view.

For me I only had it happen very recently after I saw this topic. It was also the only time it has ever happened for me, but I also don’t often use pictures in my files. I just made a new file, imported 2 images in front and top view and placed them in position. I might have zoom selected. And then when I rotated 1 of the pictures, it got smeared. Only the one I just rotated, the other one was ok. And then, as I said before, I just did undo and rotate again from the same point and then it didn’t get smeared.

I got the smeared image today and saved the project in that condition. I’ll include the file that got smeared, as it’s an inserted png

But I see that you’re not waiting for another upload. I see that you’d like to know what I was doing, and it was printing to [df using Cutepdf. That’s what has triggered it.

I got all three of your uploads…thanks. I’ll try some PDF printing today to see if I can finally reproduce this…Thanks again… and if you come across any other kind of “Aha!” moment in this area, please post it.


For some weeks now, all I’ve been doing with that project is returning to print one or the other of its two pages with some changes to the title block. so this smearing may be either a random phenomenon after a build-up of the project’s cumulative dormant open time (it may stay open for a large part of some days) or it’s associated with editing that title block or printing. The project’s been otherwise inactive for weeks. Maybe it has something to do with changing the print mode between vector and bitmap.