Smashing a full color model?

Hi there,

I have been working in rhino for a few months now and am a little stumped on this one.

Using the smash tool I was able to flatten a poly surface of a shoe into a file I could cut out of paper on a laser cutter. This cut piece of paper could then be folded into the form of the shoe in real life. This all works just fine.

I was hoping to be to do the same thing to a scan of the shoe. I would have a full color model of the shoe, from the scan (with photographic likeness), which I could turn into a polysurface and then smash. I was hoping there was a way to smash it and retain the photographic surface of the full color model. Is this possible? This way I could inkjet print the smashed image of the shoe and then lasercut that paper to the exact same shape that could then be reassembled.

Is this possible in rhino?



Hi Evan,

You can’t do this with Smash. However, Squish will flatten meshes with the texture and UV co-ords intact. So mesh your model nicely then do all necessary UV mapping and texture applying and Squish the mesh pieces.

Cheers, Steve