Smart dimensions

Hello Everyone
does rhino have a “smart dimension” command similar to solid works?

Sorry there has been no reply to your question.

I don’t know what the SolidWorks “smart dimension” does. It might be similar to Rhino’s SmartTrack feature. If you can tell us what your goal is, we might be able to point you toward a tool that will work.

vanilla Rhino is not a parametric modeler and does not have a feature like SW’s smart dimension. You can’t make a dimension drive the geometry. And there isn’t a universal dimensioning tool either (using one tool for all types of dims).

Thanks Margaret.,
“smart Dimension” in solid works enables the operator to draw a rough sketch of the required part
and then to dimension the item after it has been drawn roughly and solid works will adjust the drawing to the required dimensions.

It works like this

Suppose i want to draw a rectangle 50 mm X 100 MM. I select the icon for drawing a rectangle and
draw a rectangle on the screen disregarding any dimensions . then I elect the smart dimension feature
and dimension one side . when the dimension is displayed i am able to select that dimension and change the value to what i want it to be ( say i enter 100mm as the length).the drawing is then automatically resized so that the dimensioned size is 100 mm long. I can then do the same with the width - and in this case i would enter a value of 50) the result will be a rectangle of 50 X 100.
Now I carry on with the drawing and find that the 100mm dimension should be 110mm. I just select the
100mm dimension and change it to 110. Solidworks then redraws the rectangle to the new size and at the same time all other dependencies are changed where nessessary. this feature is particilary useful
when drawing templates of commonly use features
Hope you can help

In a way, I see this as a wish that geometry would follow dimensions using history the way dimensions currently follow geometry using history - only updating dynamically.

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