Small Scripting Jobs (will pay, of course)

Hi All.

Not sure if this is the done thing, but I’d love a couple of scripts written for me.
I guess if you could provide a quote that’d be the starting point.

I want a leader that points to a linked block and displays it’s name using the current dimension properties for formatting.
The catches:

Hi Kristen,

A sample model or picture that demonstrates what you want might be helpful.

– Dale

I can do such a script. Can you send an example of what you want to

The pic would be helpful. :wink:

Block Leader Script:

Leader (placed on layout) points to blocks within detail frame and reports their “Type” (see below).

Great for an assembly diagram that uses linked blocks from a parts inventory.

Block List and Count

Linked block that sits on our standard template with our title block. Needs to be linked so we can edit it and all our drawings update automatically.

  • Lists blocks and displays a count.
  • Displays name and count for top level blocks only.
  • The script can omit blocks with a certain prefix. e.g. “Title Block” - see below.
  • Dynamic to automatically update when blocks are added or deleted
  • Omit results that return a zero.

This is how it should look on the layout.

This shows the type of blocks we want to omit.

Named Position / Named View

  • Has the ability to show two versions of the model on the same sheet.
  • Attaching the ‘named positions’ to a ‘named view’ would be ideal, but I’m not sure how that will work.