Small rhino problem!



I hope to find here some help for my rhinoceros install.well the problem is strange,and its the first one i have with the program?!maybe its my fault .After the sr8 upgrade,and when i deleted some folder in my second partition of the main disc,its started and no matter what i do i cant stop this behavior.The program still works best,i save import etc…and when i close rhino it shows me a window with warning?–Error saving RUI file?

So i"m confused ,this is not a big problem,but a bit picky…After every rhinoceros file closing i must comfirm 3times to the warning?Tryed new install -everyth fine,and again after sr8 this started again??So could someone kindly help me?Big Thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #2

@Johnm, can you take a look at this?



Thanks Pascal for the reply!Im just reading all comments but is there a solution for that?


Well i find a quick solution for the moment,not a serious one but…in the properties window of the shortcut i selected run everytime as admin and in this situation theres no more problem with warnings??dont know why??heh !It works!

(John Morse) #5

This problem should be fixed in the next release candidate. The problem is related to saving a RUN file associated with a plug in from a folder in program files when Rhino is shutting down. If you open Rhino and run the Toolbars command you can right click one the file and Saves to a writable folder.