Small problem with this section

In the other sections on the forum when you open a thread the section is shown at the top of the screen. Here the rhino section.

In this section it doesn’t show, I usually click the section marker to return to the forum. Here’s a thread in the forum section.


The XNurbs topic doesn’t have a category assigned - just like you didn’t assign a category to this topic. I could assign the “plug-ins” category but after 220 posts in that thread I might as well leave it like it is…

It is in the Uncategorized section, i’d expect that at the top of the screen when you open any thread in the uncategorized secion. It’s just different to all other sections.

I thought I made this thread in the uncategorized section did it get moved or did I make a mistake?


Ok I moved this thread to the uncategorized section as that’s the section I see the problem in.


Doesn’t show in the Forums overview either, surly it should still list uncategorized like all the others.


Mostly I’d like it shown in the heading of the thread as it’s a quick way to get back to the forum section you’re in.
Back does work but clicking the section heading seems quicker and what I’m used to from the other forum sections.


not that this is the solution you’re looking for–

one way to get to Uncategorized section is from the front page:
(and clicking the Rhino logo up top will always take you to the front page… it’s always visible regardless of where you’re at in the forums-- i think)

…click that then Uncategorized will appear and you can go there to see all the uncategorized stuff:

that said, i’ve personally never seen Uncategorized as it’s own section/forum… i’ve always seen it as more of a wasteland…

the category Meta seems where the off-topic type stuff goes or when there’s not another applicable forum heading available…
(for example-- the way i’ve understood this particular forum to work, this topic should be in the Meta category)

idk, it may be a little anti-user but it seems like discourse shouldn’t allow a topic to be started without the poster choosing a category… (this is how, i think, most stuff ends up in Uncategorized… it’s due to a user mistake (sort of))

so yeah, either what you’re saying… make Uncategorized act just as all other categories… or, require a category to be chosen prior to starting a topic and get rid of Uncategorized altogether.

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I’ve always started my threads from within a forum category so never noticed you could start a thread in uncategorized by mistake, I see now if you post from the forum overview it defaults to uncategorized.

Sorry about posting in the wrong section, it wasn’t by mistake though. I was in the uncategorized form and noticed the difference when you’re in a thread so it seemed to make sense to post the problem in this section.

Thanks Mark