"Small Objects - Millimeters" Template missing in startup list

“Small Objects - Millimeters” Template missing in startup list, but can be found in the same template folder as the other templates shown at startup.

Hi David -

Can you double-check that the Rhino Options > Files > Template files > Location path is the same as the one of the folder in your screenshot?

Yes. Same path.

fre. 13. nov. 2020 13.59 skrev Wim Dekeyser via McNeel Forum <mcneel@discoursemail.com>:

The template is there, just scroll to the right.

Still this is not working as it is supposed to.
Scrolling to the right is unintuitive and easily overseen.

Ahh yes you are right! Thank you, I would not have guessed that.

lør. 14. nov. 2020 20.35 skrev norbert_geelen via McNeel Forum <mcneel@discoursemail.com>:

This looks ok in Rhino 7 (7.1.20314.23101, 11/09/2020)

So its either fixed there or is affected by screen resolution, text scaling etc in Windows.

I fixed this about a week ago.


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In the current service release this problem is still present.
Is your fix in the latest service release canditate?