Small named selections bug


I found a small bug regarding the named sections. Here are the steps to reproduce it:

  • create a box and a joined curve
  • set the box and one part of the curve (cmd+shift) as a named selection
  • explode the curve - this leads the named selection to have only 1 instead of 2 items
  • now Undo everything (cmd+z) and your curve is joined back together, but the named selection keeps having only 1 item, although it should have two again…

Hope this helps.



Hi Rudi

I tried your example with a simple set of 2 lines joined and a box and mine worked (2 after undo) do you have a file i could try?

No specific file needed, here’s a video that describes the problem. hope the resolution is sufficient…

When you recorded your selection your curve was not exploded. You subobject selected a part of the curve. This means your record is 1 box and 1 sub object.

When you explode the sub object is now a full curve and not a sub object, thus it does not come back.

Yes, but I don’t get the logic… when you undo something, it should be exactly the same as before, no?

sorry after caffeine i see your point, spotted the issue, and patched it up. Thanks!

you are welcome! Have some nice work and good espressos…