Small but annoying bugs in Rhino for Mac

Since I am working on both Windows and Mac, small differences between them can be really annoying:
smooth tool:

  • starting the smooth tool, space bar clears the 0 in the first smooth factor value box (I often use smooth several times in a row and hitting the space twice to enter through the command, I believe this should be consistent across all tools, except of course for tools where you type text)
  • sliding the slider of the smooth tool smooth factor, and releasing drags it all the way to 0 on first try, only the second time sliding will make it stick

same problem: space will clear the first value box instead of acting as enter
Enter does not work to complete the command

same problem: space will clear the first value box instead of acting as enter

Tapered Extrusions:
I haven’t checked the following how it behaves on Windows, but ExtrudeCrv and ExtrudeCrvTapered as well as ExtrudeSrf and ExtrudeSrfTaperd should behave the same. In Rhino 6 the extrusion direction was changed vs Rhino v5, based on mouse cursor position. Right now it only works this way for the normal extrusions. The tapered extrusions are based on C-plane.


Are you talking about V5 or V6 Rhino?

Hi @John_Brock this is all v6 SR23

just to be sure, you are talking about using this tool on different objects in a row?

Yes, exactly. Mostly for subtle point smoothing on surfaces, where the process is to select one or two points and smooth them, judge the result, select other point(s), smooth, maybe go back to the previous, etc, etc.
So you dial in a small change and then you can keep entering through this command without needing to focus on the tool.

yes that makes sense. those consoles are indeed a real nuisance, they break the workflow constantly and painfully. Thats why i am cheeky enough to say that Rhino for Mac still feels more like a Beta than anything else. I really dont understand why something crucial like workflow on daily used tools was not optimised even during the pre release development. But still having to battle those Titan beetles now is actually alarming. ok rant out (i know it will not change anything)