Small bug: Gradientview command doesn't show in the command prompt autocomplete

This was intentional. GradientView is a deprecated command in thar the same functionality can be achieved by using display modes. We also found that most people typing Gr… were trying to start Grasshopper and accidentally ending up with gradientview instead.

Hi Steve!

Gradientview is actually quote useful to me. I work with white background and when i import stuff from autocad, which has a black background. i switch to gradient view to see better the things drawn in light colors. This happens on a regular basis since there’s always a lot of drawings that come from engineers.

I like to switch fast between those two without changing the display mode.

Could you please keep it and maybe rename it like BackgroundGradient or something that does’t get in the way of something else?


It isn’t gone, it’s just marked as a “test” command so it doesn’t show up in the autocomplete list. I would recommend just creating an alias in Rhino options named BackgroundGradient and have it call GradientView. That way you’ll get autocomplete

Yes, I’ll do that. For a moment I thought that you plan to remove it completely.