Slow to open - Always get "Updating Toolbars" pop-up

Anyone else having long lag times when starting Rhino? I get the “Updating Toolbars, menus…” etc. pop-up. Any ideas how to prevent this? Thanks.

Brian Jackson

Hi Brian - you get the update every startup? Can you please try starting Rhino as administrator - (Right click on the Rhino icon, choose ‘Run as administrator’. Then close and start Rhino normally - any different?


I did as you said and am still getting the minute+ delay when starting the program normally. Tried it twice.

Hi Brian - and are you still seeing the toolbar updater thing every time you start?


Yes sir.

Hi Brian - I’ll go find a bigger brain, but in the meantime, it may be that a Repair of the installation in the Windows control panel will sort it out -


I noticed mine said Rhino BETA on the installed programs list, where yours says Rhino 6. I am up to date as far as I know. However I took the steps as you instructed and received a pop-up saying “Download Failed” with a list of remedies. Here’s a snippet from the install log if that provides any info:



Hi Brian - yeah, I am running a release ‘commercial’ version here, not the beta, which will expire now that 6 is out there for real. You expect to be seeing beta, still, correct? You have not purchased a commercial license? If that is as expected, then I think it should still all work - at what stage does the error appear? Can you post or send me the log file?



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