Slow status/heads up display

I don’t know the official name for this interface panel in lower right that shows status and layer names available memory, etc…
In Rhino 7 it works very quickly, almost instantly updating and providing the name of a layer an object is located on. In 8 that is not happening, its taking between 2-3 seconds to simply show the layer name, making it useless as a quick access tool.
Please fix.


Thanks, I see that, too. Logged as RH-78742.

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Hi @brian any updates on this? Somehow seems like it got slower with latest RC for certain entities. Somethings are almost instant, but I just clicked on some dims and it was almost 3 full seconds before the heads up showed the layer name.

Slow on anything really, I’m unable to isolate anything specific that makes it show slower or faster.

No updates, the issue is still open and will be investigated in due time.