Slow selection within assemblies


if I click into an assembly at WIP (7.0.20168.13075, 16.06.2020) than it need some seconds until the selections starts and the menu of possible objects is shown.


Hi Micha -

Rhino doesn’t have a concept of “assemblies” - I’m going to need a lot more information here…

I mean a model with some objects, for example a train seat. The objects are overlapping at the view and I try to pick one.

To sort out a problem, we need to duplicate the issue (or not), on our computers.
A general description like yours is fine but useless with respect to figuring out the cause. Surely you can see that.

When you report a problem, please post a file as simple and small as possible that Illustrates the issue, and ALL the specific details needed to repeat the problem.

Then we can determine if there is a bug in Rhino, if a future enhancement is needed, if you’re doing something avoidable that exacerbates the problem, or if maybe your computer needs an upgrade.

Without those details, these descriptions are not much good.

I understand. I’m uploading an example file and will send a link.