Slow Rhino 7 software running on Fast Hardware. Why?

I recently had to replace my 8 year old 15" MacBook Pro, with a new faster 16" MacBook Pro.
64 RAM - 8 x 2.4 Intel i9 - 8 GB graphic card
I am very pleased with the speeds and just how fast this machine is.

But I am having 2 slowdowns - both Rhino related…

1st - The machine absolutely flies, but unexpectedly, when previewing / browsing files in finder ( spacebar ) it can take quite awhile for rhino to open those previews? All other software files - Adobe, Affinity, etc preview upon striking the spacebar immediately!
What makes a rhino file preview differently than other software?

And 2nd - when opening a Rhino file it takes much much longer than other software?

Why is this? Does Rhino software has to 1st verify and check online before opening each of these? Very Disappointing given the hardware has the internals to move very efficiently. This is frustrating given I use Rhino 7 / Mac daily for work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - thank you

please update to 7.11 service release and let us know if you are still having speed issues-