Slow Make2d & Gumball Dragging

Been using V7 Beta, once I add a few fixings (screws, or anything with a thread) using Make2d is very slow, and then the geometry created from Make2d is so laggy if you try and drag by Gumball ? Test file attached. Using a 16" MBP, system info attached too @BrianJ
Milezee System Info.txt (6.4 KB)
Slow Test.3dm (15.5 MB)

Thanks for the sample file. How much of a lag is subjective but I do see that it is not super smooth here to move all those Make2D screws at once with the Gumball. It is about a half second delay here. My technique to maximize display speed with your model would be to use CurveBoolean on one of the Make2D screws using Delete Input = All and clicking All Regions, then copy that around as needed. This simple silhouette will be one closed curve versus 347 curves per screw and much faster to display. You can do all the screws at once too but this takes a moment.

I also compared Rhino 6 here with an export of your model and the speed is roughly the same. If you see a big difference let me know please. You could also go up to macOS 10.15.7 for the latest driver.

Thanks for the tip using CurveBoolean @BrianJ :+1:. Did you try Make2d command to generate the curves from the 3d of the screws ? That seems very slow too 🤷. I’ll update to latest OS X when I get a chance soon, cheers

Just the screw blocks took 10 seconds on my 2013 MBP and on a more recent 16 core Threadripper CPU running Windows 10 it was 5 seconds. For the entire selection you indicated to run Make2D on it takes 32 seconds on my Mac and 9 seconds on the 16 core CPU.

I get about a 12second delay just to gumball drag those screws created with Make2d :scream:, running Make2d on all the screw blocks took maybe 45seconds, my machine is a new 16" MBP :weary:

New idea… in Preferences > OpenGL in Rhino 7, is GPU tessellation enabled or disabled? Also what’s the Anti-aliasing set to? Here, I’m using 4x AA and GPU tessellation is off but I also have an old Nvidia GPU in this Mac.

If that doesn’t help, can you update to 10.15.7 and are there any additional displays connected to your Mac?

GPU Tessaltion was off ? Should I try switch it on ? Anti aliasing 4x. Already updated to latest OSX a few days ago

Might as well try it on, I can’t reproduce the delay in GB drag or the Make2D time using a seven year old MBP so I’m stumped. What was the word on additional displays?

no additional displays, just the MacBook screen running 🤷

Keep GPU tessellation turned off. It just plain doesn’t make things better with the exception of a very small number of nVidia based GPU Macs. I don’t expect Apple to improve the situation for this with their OpenGL drivers.

Something else is going on that we need to figure out on your system if this involves a specific task like gumball dragging. Is the display slow when a gumball is not involved? For example when panning or dragging without the gumball?

Steve, thanks for chipping in. I’ve noticed for a while that Make2d is slow, especially when you have a bunch of fixings in there like screws. And then the resulting geometry is really bad to drag around with the gumball. Its the same in V6 and V7 Beta. Have tried plist reset, no change.
Panning around, zooming in/out seem ok 🤷

Is this isolated to geometry after running Make2D?

If you run Make2D to create geometry, save the model and then restart Rhino does the gumball drag remain slow?

yes seems to be geometry created from Make2d, and yeh I can open up one of my models I worked on last week, try and drag the 2d geometry I created for layout pages and its just as painful

That probably just means that Make2D is making a lot of geometry when it is dealing with detailed objects like threads on screws. If you ran the array command to make enough geometry, you would probably have the same issue.

You used the words “layout pages”. Are you working in layouts?

yes I create 2d geometry for layout pages using Make2d from my 3D models within Rhino

Let’s eliminate layouts as a possible cause. Export your model to a different 3dm file that does not have any layouts. If you gumball drag in the model with no layouts, do you notice a difference in sluggishness?

nope, still sluggish , causes beach ball (which doesn’t show in screenshot) and about 25 second lag

So the sluggishness occurs after you are done dragging?

yeh, highlight the geometry, drag a little, or a lot, beach ball appears, I just tested a simple rectangle, added a hatch (lines), made multiple copies, about 500, same result, so not specific to Make2d geometry 🤷

Great; we’re getting somewhere now! This does not look like it has anything to do with display.

When a drag completes, Rhino replaces the old geometry in the document with new geometry in the transformed location. This causes events to occur in the program to tell different parts of the user interface to update the information that they display. We need to figure out what it is that is causing this lag.

The two areas where I think we need to look first are the properties panel and 3rd party plug-ins that you have installed.

I see that you have twinmotion and bella installed based on your systeminfo. Open the plug-in manager and disable these two plug-ins. Restart Rhino and run your gumball dragging tests again. Do you still have the sluggishness when these plug-ins are disabled? If you do, let’s make absolutely sure those plug-ins are disabled by running SystemInfo again.