Slow keyboard behavior

I’ll move this to another thread, to keep these two issues separate.

Hi Gijs,
because it was random, when it happened I wasn’t able to record it. I closed and restarted Rhino8WIP and it was fine.
If it happens again I will record it.
Probably the issues is caused by the same graphic bug that I found today for which I created another video in a new topic.

Hi Gijs,

this is an example.
As you can see, while I type on the keyboard, all the characters are printed on screen with a long delay.

Another example selecting multiple objects with shift key pressed.
While selecting multiple objects, with shift key pressed, there is no feedback, I get the highlighed objects only when I release the shift key.
Also the feedback needs a couple of seconds before to be visualized.

I cannot repeat the issues you are seeing.
Can you send your SystemInfo again?
Does it happen in safe mode as well?