Slow History with Stream of Creating meshes... Press Esc to cancel

I’m starting to experience two issues that may or may not be related. I put the first issue about inflated file sizes in another thread.

History updates take 10 seconds to update on my machine while doing the same edit to the same file on an employee’s machine updates instantly. The only obvious difference is that my machine writes dozens and dozens of Creating meshes... Press Esc to cancel to the command line. His machine only writes that message once at the end.

My machine: EricSysInfo.txt (2.6 KB)


His machine: HisSysInfo.txt (2.7 KB)


Hi Eric - I don’t know but if you have a file that shows the creating meshes part on your system I guess that would be a place to start. Are you starting your files from a custom template? If so, what does Audit3dmFile have to say about that?


It’s weird that the same file with the same edit on two other computers (with weaker CPU/GPUs) results in a sub 1 second update while my machine runs it at 10 seconds. I’m not sure if the template makes a difference here?

But yes, I always start with a template file that has my annotation style, 0.01mm tolerance, linked to my blocks, and has a couple of pieces of geometry I use in 99% of my jobs.

The 2nd to the last update I made was 22 days ago. I think I updated a few blocks and needed to update the block references. The file was 3.5 MB and had 23 of those images after that update.

The best I can remember, I opened that 3.5 MB file 3 days ago, added a new block to the template, and saved it. It was 30 MB after that.

After a SaveSmall, it’s sitting at 700KB.

yeah, so this file has the hundreds of images… So I think we need the starting file and the block you inserted and a for 5 year-olds blow by blow of how you inserted the block…


So the starting file is in the GitHub repo link. It looks like I added one block and updated one block:

New block: LeoBrilliantProxy.3dm (174.6 KB)
Updated block: LeoBaguetteCut.3dm (214.5 KB)

My memory for trivia is terrible. I think I would have done the following:

  1. Opened the template file.
  2. Dragged the LeoBrilliantProxy.3dm from file explorer and dropped it onto the perspective window with “Insert”
  3. Change it to embed and link on the pop-up window.
  4. Pressed a button that calls -BlockManager U A Enter to update LeoBaguetteCut.3dm
  5. Save
  6. SaveAsTemplate

(looks like a Rhino update and cleaned up template files has sorted this one out)