Slow CCX Component

My problem is that the ccx component is really slow as you can see.
I would like to split all the white curves on the black ones and get all the new white curves out. So that I then can check the lenght of the separate white parts.
Thanks in advance

It seems your lines have 3 different orientations: 0° , 120° , 240°.

Don’t make CCX works with coaligned lines. (for ex avoid 0° white 0° black)
Otherwise ccx will try to find infinite intersections, going crazy, wasting time.


  • cut 0° white with 120° and 240° black;
  • cut 120° white with 0° and 240° black;
  • cut 240° white with 0° and 120° black;

Also, pre-sorting out co-aligned intersection decrease a lot the total amount of intersection checks.

thank you very much for the idea i didnt concider that yet…
what would be a good way to sor them out? simply make different ccx components for each linetype one to check with the other two?
Or is there an easyer way

Attach your white and black curves alone.

Thank you I think I have solved it with your help. It is incredibly much faster now

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