Slow Analysis UNA for Rhino

Update: meant to say analysis instead of render

Anyone else experience slow Analysis time when using urban network analysis (UNA) for Rhino? I have 6 files that are no larger than 17mb each and are in 2D Not 3D. Area approximately 7000 x 8000. I’m currently using the trial version on Windows 10. It takes approximately 3h to analyze one file only and the program frequently is not responding according to Windows (Ram is maxed). However, the computer is still responsive and I can multitask like browse the web.

My Brother’s Gaming PC Specs: 16GB, Ryzen 7 2700x, Gtx 780

Based on task manager: CPU usage is only 1-4% surprisingly, No GPU Usage (o.O), but ram is 100%.

I don’t understand. Am I being bottle-necked by how much Ram I have? Should I consider building a PC for myself? Because I get approximately 12 files per week, and at this state it is very time consuming.

I’ve seen videos where people render 3D buildings with 3 million polygons and the file size is 250mb+. 8 Core CPU done in 30 mins. If paired with a Quadro P4000 it gets done in less than 4 minutes?!

I’ve added one file if someone wants to give it a try along with video tutorials

Generally… If indeed that you computer is using virtual memory for renders, it will surely slow the render process by many, many times, perhaps by hundreds of times, or more.

While you are in Windows Task manager, perhaps right clicking on the graph, and selecting “Show Kernel Times” it may fill in where the CPU cycles are going, that and for the virtual memory.

Also, during Cuda processes and certain other nVidia processes, GPU use may not show up on Window Task Manager. A program such as HWMonitor may show the actual GPU usage. Please be careful downloading the it from the right site, and as always, watch for bloat install options with the install.

Thank you for your quick reply. Is there a way to make sure I’m using both the CPU + GPU (or whatever improves the speed optimally) by default or guide me to change the settings? Currently I’m just pressing enter twice to start. I encourage you to watch the short minute video I’ve uploaded if you may.

What does this analysis have to do with rendering? Likely nothing. Odds are it doens’t know how to use the GPU, and even if it did a GTX 780 is frankly too old for it to matter. Does it even use multiple cores? Again, odds are no, it’s probably a liner type of analysis.

You’re right I meant to say analysis instead of rendering sorry. I’ve updated post and title.

A redditor tried the file:

Well, it’s been plugging away for 10 minutes, screen greyed out, and application appears to be locked up. I’ll let it run for a while to see what happens, but it doesn’t look great so far.

Machine Info:

  • (2x) Xeon 2.4GHz (E5-2630)
  • 32Gb mem (it used 19Gb)
  • Dual GTX 980 video cards

At E: 45 minutes. E: 1h crashed

Figured I would post this on the original thread aswell.

Okay here’s the bad news

I ran the test on my computer.
4 hours and 40 minutes in I had to force shut Rhino.
It probably would have finished eventually, as it was definitely doing something, but I needed to run client renders.

I hit 32gb RAM after about 3 hours

Ryzen 3900x (at most 5-15% usage, mainly 1 to 4 cores used)
32GB 3200mhz ram
GTX 1070 (GPU didn’t even bat an eyelid 0% usage including CUDA)

I think I found the issue…
Your scene is massive


Take a look at pages 128-129
There is a massive amount of origins and destinations + observers. Over 7000 of the former and almost 4000 of the latter
I think the fact is this scene is going to take long.

You talked about other people having high polygon counts and quick analysis, by the looks of this the program doesn’t care about how many polygons you have; so I wouldn’t expect it to speed up a render.

Also your detour ratio is in the high end, combined with the points earlier, long times expected.
Try optimizing your scene based on the guide, or like many people who use VRay, have the analysis run over night.

Having a good GPU probably speeds up analysis on scenes with loads of polygons, but not on low poly scenes.

Read through that part of the guide but I suspect your brothers computer would run most simulations as expected (except with high polygon counts, which yours has none)

I hope this all helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback and guidance.
Will definitely have a look at what you just sent me.