Sliders above 1 million not possible?

I am using a normal Integer slider in GH to create a pointcloud from a large Mesh. I am trying to create a Slider with a value above 1.000.000 and it simply wont let me.

The UI shows like 5 more digits, but when I enter a value above 1 million it simply reverts to 1 million.

Am I missing something? I remember David Rutten mentioning that integers up to around 2 billion are possible inside GH here: Large Range Slider? - #2 by DavidRutten

Same here. But if you can use grasshoppper 2 it just let me set a 10 million int slider.
slider.ghz (472.7 KB)

Thanks. Yeah, that’s good to know that GH2 doesn’t have that limitation. Unfortunately I don’t think the Cockroach Plugin is available for GH2 yet.

Anyways, I can use just a panel and enter the value manually, but it seems like a bug that 1 million is the limit. Or rather it seems like some number that someone went “nobody will need more values than that” knowing that most components will either crash or freeze GH forever if you do anything a million times. But pointclouds are designed for that and I have created them in GH with counts of 50 million and both GH and Rhino are quite okay with that.

There’s a limit to the total number of distinct values a slider can have (I think that’s how it worked, I can check once I get to my office computer). Do you really need all the values between zero and one-million+? If not you can create two sliders and add them together, or add a constant to a slider value, or put an expression in a slider to post-process the value.

No, of course not. I could also create a dropdown with some common values like 1 million, 5 million, 10 million.

Dragging on the slider would not work, but then again a slider is the only thing I can add to the Remote Control Panel aka Grasshopper Panel in Rhino. I assume there still is no way to add a dropdown or just a panel as a text input in there.

ps: will the RCP ever see some love again?

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Just multiply a slider value by ten (or 20 or ?). An expression will do that.

I’m not doing any work on GH1 if I can help it. @AndyPayne and @kike are adding features, but even they don’t mess with the existing ones.

I haven’t started on the GH2 equivalent of the RCP yet. Is there a specific improvement you’d like to see besides just “generally better”?

Yes. Let us add dropdowns and a panel as text input :wink: I never understood why they were left out.


I started this topic a while back:

For now, it’d be nice to fix this small issue:


Just to weigh in as I use the RCP quite a bit.

most important missing features, imo:

-ability to double click into text panels to modify them
-ability to double click into sliders to modify the value
-support for enums aka drop down lists/value lists (this one is the most important IMO)
(currently if you need to use a slider to be able to influence GH in a if 0, this, if 1, this, if 2, this kind of workflow, a drop down list would be much better allowing the script author to provide options like “Door, Window, Floor” in a drop down called “Type” and then the end user being able to very easily choose a predefined option from said list)
-support for conditional drop down lists, in example, you choose “Door” from drop down list “Type” then the drop down list that was below that called “Style” has options “Sliding, Pivot, Swing, Pocket” but if you choose “Window” from drop list “Type” then “Style” has options “Casement, Double Hung, Fixed, etc.”

Less important…
-perhaps the ability to add multiple buttons per line item?
in this image below you see a button for “Forward, Backward, Reset” which are all boolean buttons that feed into a Python script allowing the user to step through one error at a time with the script highlighting the problemed object. I would love to have these buttons be nestable on one line with Backward left justified and Forward Right Justified, perhaps Reset would stay below the two still.

-ability to publish graphs and legends to RCP
-support for Control Knob, MD Slider
-support for Calendar (allowing end user to select a date on the calendar and have this be read back into GH)
-ability to add simple images or icons (perhaps this is getting too much into UI and would be better for ETO though…)
-ability to embed small viewport and set the type (top, perspective, etc) and set the display mode (shaded, rendered, wireframe, etc)

GH2 specifics (potential ideas):
-ability to add or remove metadata on objects
-filtering by metadata
-defining metadata mixing recipes?

Thank you!


a GH2 file with one 10 million slider is 472 KB. Maybe that’s a clue.
About rcp, isn’t grasshopper player replacing it?

If you just write 10000000 in search it works. (3.3 KB)

The limits of a slider do not make the file bigger or smaller. File size is initially large because a *ghz file contains a canvas and a viewport capture. File size gets eventually even larger because *.ghz files store the entire undo history. Both of these can be omitted by saving small. I suppose at some point a way to automatically ditch very old undo records will come in handy.

There is no ‘Save Small’ for GH files, eh? That’s a Rhino file option only?

I often wonder what affects GH file size because it’s not always consistent with adding or removing stuff.

And why would any file contain undo history? Undo doesn’t work when you open a file.

Yes! At least everything from the first bulleted list!

I too use RCP quite often in different tools. It has to have that extremely easy setup to create a simple user interface. Doesn’t have to be the prettiest but easy to create and flexible.


Thank you. G2 is a labor of love and it shows. much appreciated and admired.

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There’s no save small in Grasshopper 1. But then Grasshopper 1 doesn’t include the undo history.

Not in Grasshopper 1. It should in Grasshopper 2.