Slider erotica

Is that a new feature ? :slight_smile:


nope, its an old bug. happens if you move them around sometimes also.

I had no idea.

It’s been around for years but I can never tell what causes it. I’ve never been able to repeat it in any logical way, just sort of happens sometimes.

Must be some freaky rounding error or something. It’s been too long since I worked on that code to know what’s going on.

Its not a huge problem, in fact it is kind of a fun break from whatever task you are doing when it happens :D. To resolve I just delete the slider and make a new one and it doesn’t happen again.

FWIW I’ve only ever experienced this behaviour when opening up older files, ironically.


Ha ha ! Excellent !

Another rare (and inconsequential) slider glitch sighting:

Happens only when using a combination of Expression syntax and “Box” grips.

Yeah I knew about that one (also happens in the Preferences with some named sliders) but I’ve been ignoring it because it would require a rewrite of large portions of the slider base code.

Too bad : the Barry White song I put in the background is almost inaudible…