Slider changes un-undoable

I just noticed what I see as a huge problem. And doesn´t seem to have surfaced earlier.
If I change a slider via the control point, these changes are unduable but…
if I do it by double clicking and inputing the value through keyboard (sake of precision with 6 digit values), these changes don´t get registered and therefore can´t be undone.
Is it just me?

Don’t know, but sliders can definitely be undone on my box. Are you testing on Rhino5 or Rhino6Beta?

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Rhino5. Made it in a running project and in a new file. Neither work.

Can confirm - regular UI-drag slider changes undo properly, but double-click-type-value slider changes seem not to get added to the undo stack. This is on the latest GH in the rhino 6 beta.

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I got the latest RH6 installed, but I´m currently working on RH5 with GH 0.9.0076

Ugh, I misread and thought the bug was the other way around. Yup, text-edited sliders don’t undo here either.
Logged as RH-43083.