Slide Point along Edge - SubD

I’d like to slide a point along an edge in my model (sub-D). I’m assuming there is a setting for this, but I’m just not finding it?

there is a command
might not work on a star-point as expected.

works with points and edges.

Thank you Tom, yes I use slide currently to move edges. What I want to do is move a single point along an edge, like I can do in 3dsmax.

this is possible with _slide as well
(limited for star-points)
workarround: use _scale for a single point - and use the the corresponding / target-direction point as center

Yes, I see a single vertex move in the target direction, but what I have inaccurately described is I need the point to “travel along” the edge. So, if the edge is C shaped the point travels along the constrained curve of the C shape, not just in a straight line.

are you talking about box (facetted) or smooth mode ?

Smooth mode. It slides in Box mode, wonky but works. After I finish in box mode I fine tune the surfaces to match what I’m remodeling over top of in smooth mode. Thats where having the “constrained” point movements is most helpful for me.

I use this ‘idea’ all the time, just never with the slide command. It’s much easier for me since I don’t have to launch anything.

  • Instead, turn on the Near O-Snap.
  • Select the Sub-D control point.
  • Now, drag it along any edge.

So, no command needed … it’s auto-magical!


Thank you Dave and Tom.

What I’m attempting to recreate is a workflow used in 3DSmax that allows me to move a vertex that is constrained to an edge. We use this for recreating scanned product from full size 3D scans. I do 98% of my daily work in Rhino but still have to use other software for some organic shape manipulations. Similar to “shrink wrapping” a digital skin (manually moving verts & edges) over top of various organically shaped product parts.

I’m absolutely loving SubD and what Rhino is doing with it. Starting to become very comfortable with box mode but have a lot more to learn/practice when fitting the subD “skin” over our 3D product scans.

This next comment is off topic but we have also noticed that the DWG file export size we see from Max is always about 1/3rd the size of a Rhino DWG file. I’m currently not at work and was wondering now if “save small” might equalize the size between the two software’s?

this is a fast startingpoint:

set up rough typology

→ _editPtOn
→ _pull (editpoints to Mesh)

→ _subDivide
→ Repeat above
→ manual finetune

also check a quadremesh → sub-D workflow… (i prefere above, because it has more control where star-points are)

see this video

I just discovered this huge limitation. Hope it will be removed in the future!

In the meantime I’ll just extract the control mesh and export it to Blender and continue editing there…