Slice object with plane through 3points


I’m advanced autocad user and learning rhino for a few months. I have question. Is there command in rhino or some way to do slicing object (srf or polysrf) with imaginary plane defined by 3 points without creating another slicing object or cplane? Autocad have SLICE command with many useful options like slicing with surface as object but also with xy, zx or any other virtual plane including virtual 3points plane that is defined inside running SLICE command. That is very useful way for 3d modeling.

Thanks for answer!


Hello - use the Split command and select your objects to split. When prompted for the cutting objects, type in ‘IP’ and Enter (for InfinitePlane). You’ll see various options for setting the plane.

Any luck?


Hi Pascal,

thanks alot! That is exactly solution to my problem!