SLDASM file opens but no parts are imported

I have a customer who tries to open a SLDASM file, that is stored in the same folder as the SLDPRT files.
He got them in mail from his partners, and stored them locally.

Has anybody had a similar situation and a fix?
If not then I’ll have to start bugtracking the situation.


Could this be caused by SolidWorks 2014?

Maybe. Can he open any of the SLDPRT files directly?
If not, that would explain it. We’ll need some sample files to see if it’s something we’re doing wrong or if we need to wait for an updated file reading library.

Hi John, the SLDPRT’s open fine, but the assembly seems to be empty.
I tried opening the files in V4 and then both the parts and the assembly seems to be empty.

So I presume this emptyness is a result of the files being too new.

I’ll send you a PM with the assy and one of the parts that are ok to distribute.

Thanks. I can repeat the problem in in V5 and V6. It does open correctly in SW2012 so maybe it’s not a file reading library problem.
I just put it on Lowell’s pile.