SLC from curves?

Hi All,

I’ve sliced a mesh in Rhino, and had to manually correct the issues with it caused by internal triangles (can’t use a mesh fixer as even x64 Magics crashes eventually, seemingly regardless of the RAM behind it). I now have the slice curves as I need them, but I can’t seem to export the curves back as an SLC, even though that’s what I imported them from. If the file was smaller I would just extrude the curves by a tiny amount and slice that, but there are about 19000 curves, so that just crashes. Essentially…

Does anybody know a method of exporting Rhino curves (polylines really) to an .SLC directly?

P.S. Even if you just have a rough idea of a way to go with it that would be great!

Many thanks!


I’m not sure I understand the question… but try Export or Save As. Select SLC as the file type.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately export/save to SLC only seems to work on srfs/polysrfs/extrusions/meshes as opposed to curves (polylines in this case). I essentially already have the slices at the correct intervals as curves, I just need to be able to save these in the .SLC format.

I’ve tried the command with use meshes to generate slices on or off, and with different values for the angle between segments value, also with both save and export for good measure but it just looks like the SLC export doesn’t work with curves, though I’m really hoping I’m just being an idiot and missing something easy!

Hope that clarifies, and thanks again!


If the polylines are closed loops, use PlanarSrf on them and then Export as slc using the distance between the srfs as the slice distance. I just tested this here in Rhino 5 SR12 x64 with 19,000 closed polylines. The planarsrf command took a while since it’s unfortunately not multi-threaded but it worked somewhere between 10-30 mins. The generation of the slc file was then completed in under a min.

@tim might know if slc should work on crvs alone but it seems like it needs something more to intersect.

Hi Brian,

Brilliant, thanks! On it now!



Hi Guys,

Yeah the code as it is now will not work with curves as input. I looked to see if there was a way to bypass the intersection part of SLC export and it would take a fair bit of work to hook up.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for checking it out, I think the PlanarSrf trick should be able to do the job, as, because it’s all slices for printing, by their nature they have to all be closed and planar. Many thanks though, much appreciated!

All the best!