Slanted Parts Exceed the Sheet


I have encountered a problem with OpenNest.
One of my parts is large and slanted, but it should be still ok to be put on the sheet to a certain degree.
However, I tried with placement and seeds, and still no luck.
It either fell outside of the sheet or exceeded the boundary of the sheet.

Is there a possible solution to it?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Large Slanted (1.2 MB)


I replaced some of your components with the white group, but some of your parts are ill-defined with self-intersecting curves.

Large Slanted (1.2 MB)

How about this instead?

Large Slanted (1.2 MB)

Thank you for the help!
Sorry, I did not know that there is an object from ShapeDiver.
I didn’t use any component from it.
They are all original grasshopper components and components from OpenNest.

The solution b looks very promising! I will try that with my different parts.
Thanks again for the help!