Slab/Wall Layers Tag

Is there a way to refer to slab or wall layer information (name and thickness) via a tag object?
Something like ‘%<>%’ ?

Hello, that is not possible for now, but I will add your vote to this feature in our wishlist.

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Hi @ahmet.unveren, this feature is already possible since VisualARQ 2.11.

Just type the following syntax in the tag content, to get the thickness of a specific layer:

%<element.layerThicknesses[0]>% (where “0” means the first layer in the wall/slab structure)

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Fantastic! How about any other wall / slab parameters? Is there any way to get a wall layer name in a tag? Or offset, volume, etc? Francesc, maybe you could prepare a list of all available tag contents?
Cheers, Jaro

And, don’t you think it would be fine to add a list of tag content just into its definition? Just like in space definition case?
Cheers again, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
In the VisualARQ help (vaHelp), you can find some examples of properties that can be displayed:

For example, as you can see the wall layer offsets can be displayed, but not the layer names. I guess we can include that in future versions.

Which other object/style properties would you like to display in tags?


Do you mean managing the tag content by Tag styles? that’s planned for future versions!

Hello Francesc,
Thank you for the tips, and yes, I’d love a tag with its own set of content.
And by the way, how about a wall (and a slab) layer name in a tag? Still I can’t figure out how to do it? I tried %<element.layerName[0]>%, %<element.layerNames[0]>%, %<element.layer[0]>% with no success… Also, the %<>% tag doesn’t work…
If it does matter, I am still at Rhino 6, the latest.
Cheers, Jaro

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That’s not possible yet. I’ll let you know when it is.

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Thank you for the very powerful ‘tag’ updates.
Yet still looking forward to ‘Layer name’ tagging.