Skylight variation based in different climates

Hi, I am a very recent user of grasshopper. For my assignment we had to improve on one aspect of a building, and I’ve decided to go with improving the skylights on the Oslo Public Library in different climates. (See below for original skylight)

I envisioned the intended improvement on the skylight to look like something like these:

I have ran an annual daylight simulation with a simple block model and a simple HBSkylight by Ratio as a basic starting point after watching several tutorials online. I am stuck on how to move forward with a more detailed variation of the skylights to get the appropriate dimension, shading fin depths, and upstand height as the parameter in 3 different climates (Norway, Tasmania, and Indonesia).

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can advise what I should do next! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Angelica -
Please see for questions related to the ladybug Tools.