Skip last chance ricovery window or find any issue


I gat troubles with the “last chance ricovery window” which open behind my rhinoceros 6 when it open fullscreen size and stay stuck behind it as a fat cow on her green grass in summer…
So I don’t know what to do but shut rhino by the task pane and try again.
I know I can/should probably do something with the task pane using “reduce” button but it don’t work…
And whatever I can do I have plenty of my colleagues who don’t know what to do, wait for minutes that the grasshopper open and then call me to solve this basic problem…

Any way to add something in my grasshopper or to turn it of ?

Bump… sorry but I’am still in trouble with this stupid window staying in top !

Hi @antho2b,

Sorry, I missed your first post. I think the window is supposed to be ‘always on top’, but I’ll check as soon as I get in to the office.

This problem is happening on Rhino 6?

yes we are all using Rhino 6 at my job

I have marked the window as definitely TopMost, so hopefully that’ll push it into view no matter what.

Not sure to understand…
New patch for grashopper ? do I have to upgrade something ?

I have changed the code, so that when the next update is released this should work better. There’s nothing you need to do except upgrade whenever Rhino tells you there’s a new service release available.

I am not sure when that will happen for Rhino6, it may be quite a while, it may be never. Perhaps we have released the final Rhino6 Service Release we’re ever going to release. For Rhino7, it’ll be about a week.

If all goes as planned, we will releasing SR 15 on June 11th.
The fix is likely to have been merged into the “6.x” branch, which currently means 6.16.
When SR 15 is out, you will be able to access release “candidates” for SR 16.

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